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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. rating now at 11:00, here comes the snow. this storm will be trickier than others. fighting for his life. one man sacrificed himself to save others during a barbershop shooting. the warning being set out for a neighborhood known for sports celebrations. right now, at 11:00, tracking snow across our area. what you will see really departmendepends on where you live. good evening, i am jim rosenfield. and i am jacqueline london. already getting school delays. you see them scrolling at the bottom of the screen. here is a live look at camel
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back mountain resorts. the northern parts of the area expected to see the most snow. >> smooth sailing on the roads but a different story as you head the morning commute. >> so, we have a first alert for our pennsylvania counties. that includes philadelphia. this is what we are concerned about, slippery roads. in some places it may not be a lot but during the morning commute and that is going to make it messy. for all of you in parts of new jersey and delaware, you are going to see rain and a little bit of sloppy snow mixing in. the biggest concern in the pennsylvania counties.
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doppler radar showing the snow coming down all afternoon. we are starting to see mixing. temperatures today in the 40s across philadelphia. so you can see we are going to see rain and rain snow mix before we get through this whole thing from limerick up to rich land and milford and back to allenstown. hamburg, lynn and into redding. that is where we are seeing the snow and the snow rain mix. we will talk about how much you will get in your neighborhood when i come back if a few minutes. the snow is already coming down in allentown and road crews getting ready all day. this storm is going to be trickier than others. >> this is a slow moving storm. >> reporter: temperatures
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hovering around the freezing mark. as you can see untreated surfaces like the parking lot across the street, that is snow covered. ten d.o.t. crews got out of head of the slow storm. >> reporter: the lee high valley is bracing for it. when roads are at their slickest. >> we will be out all night. straight through in the morning. >> for motorist over night into the rush hour, they will see icy conditions in the regions. >> reporter: as a school bus driver, he knows how important it is to gas up his personal car as a precaution. >> if you are sitting somewhere on a road and you run out of gas, that's not a good thing. >> reporter: about 8010 dot
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crews are working. >> when we use more material, that tends to be more expensive. that is our biggest competence, the materials that we use. >> reporter: conditions are decent at this hour. crews will be working around the clock in 12-hour shifts. mainly salting. live in allen town. i am denise nbc 10 news. two brothers are in critical condition after they were shot in west philadelphia. the 12, 15-year-old shot tonight. the shooting may have been retaliation for an earlier fight
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in school. barbershop shooting that has a good samaritan fighting for his life. shot twice while trying to protect three children. >> reporter: family members say he is not awake and not talking but making slow progress. but hurt he is fighting for his life surveillance video shows two men in hoodies tried to watch this barbershop. jaleel phraser tried to help. they eventually run away and drive off in a light blue car
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with a dent on the passenger side car. >> the people that did this are pure evil. >> reporter: talking about her nephew who is in critical but stable condition. >> i am glad that he is still fighting. >> reporter: his heroic acts almost didn't happen decided at the last minute to get a haircut. >> he was very happy. >> reporter: wright is hoping he will pull through. >> all he wanted to do was open up a business and taking care of his kids. >> reporter: he planned to get married soon. philadelphia police are looking for the two men who shot him. i am brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. a story that is making national headlines.
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parents of a university of approxima pennsylvania student say it may have been a hate crime. the search warrant af david. the jury is set ton the in the federal corruption trial of poll louski. he is facing charges stemming from alleged pay to play scheme. campaign donations. the trial will begin monday in allentown. chris christie era officially over. murphy took office. new jersey's 56 governor.
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the democrat promised a stronger and fairer new jersey. his plan includes toughening gun laws. creating higher wage jobs and fighting for equal pay for women. >> equal pay for equal work. that we are going to be caring for lgbt citizen. my son is transthis is a wonderful thing for new jersey. sheila oliver was also sworn in today as murphy's lieutenant governor. earlier this month, city council decided not to reappoint the 94-year-old. tonight his supporters flooded a council meeting demanding cisco
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be reinstated. the council decided to keep cisco for another year. investigators are turning to new technology to find a man who sexual assaulted a jogger. investigators hope it will help to find the man wanted for an attack five months ago. police are able to put together this estimation of what they think he looks like. learning more tonight about what prompted a rare congressional subpoena for steve bannon. multiple sources tells nbc news bannon was instructed by the white house. so instead bannon got a subpoena to compel him to testify. 2016 election, bannon spent more
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than 11 hours before the committee today. the first of three high profile witnesses expected before the panel this week. harsh criticism tonight. the secretary saying she couldn't remember president trump using an expletive to describe african countries during a meeting in the oval office last week. >> you don't remember? you can't remember the words of your commander in chief. i find that unacceptable. >> neilsen said she doesn't dispute the president was using tough language. assessment of the white house physician who conducted the president's physical exam last friday. saying the 71-year-old president
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cardiac health. but just shy of obese. encouraging the president to regularly exercise and improve his diet. the president's mental health was many of the topics discussed in the book "fire and fury". wo next, businesses beware. police are warning owners in one area to protect their properties if the eagles win on sunday. now he is taking the eagles underdog tag one step further. what neighbors have to do now because of the delaware's deep freeze. we have a first alert for
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snow during your morning commute. i will break it down neighborhood by neighborhood. so you will know the timing when it is going to get tricky to get out the door.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain.
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addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. if you have seen a philly score a big playoff win. philadelphia police are warning business owners to prepare for an eagles win sunday night. live in mayfair. you spoke to business owners and fans about the potential party. >> >> reporter: right now we are in frankfurt. we talked to a few bar owners. for police, this is what they are concerned about.
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take a look over here, warning stores and businesses if they have these gates to lock them up on sunday night. it seems like everybody is ready for the big game. >> it is going to be insane. the city is going to go crazy. >> reporter: over at the sports bar in mayfair, the party hasn't stopped since saturday. the bar was swamped for the last game. but fan says that is only the beginning. the real celebration will be sunday night if the eagles win. >> we are looking forward for the eagles to mop that corner. >> we are closing our gates, doors are fully lock. >> reporter: we caught up with him on frankfurt avenue. one of many that things don't get out of hand.
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>> it is going to get crazy out here. >> reporter: the scene of large celebrations. hundreds of fans flooded the area when the philly won the world series in 2008. they went nuts. atrial they want everybody to be safe. >> everything is going to be in plastic cups. also celebrating residents are being warned by police to pick up their trash cans and flour pots in anything like that. get that inside. extra patrols will be out here. philadelphia is embracing the birds underdog. johnson is now selling home dog
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t-shirts through his website and it is all for a good cause. >> my goal is to raise the money for the schools. it would be a wonderful thing to get the fans involved and yet all of the money going back to the schools to help the school district out. it will be fun for all the people to get on board with it. >> already sold more than 3,000 t-shirts in the first 24 hours. they hope to sell 10,000 before it is all said and again. nbc 10 has you covered with exclusive pre game content. join us friday and saturday night at 7:00 for coverage. and then game day coverage. all eagles all the time. boil water advisory for trenton has been lifted. ice jams causing flooding yesterday. residents should make sure they
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run their faucets for 3-5 minutes as well as clean their automatic ice makers. we are tracking a slow moving snowstorm headed our way. chief meteorologist is tracking that storm. moving more north than it is east. now the clouds look more snow laden. no snow in philadelphia yet. our high today 45 and that is part of the problem. we were quite warm today so we are going to see rain transitions. our highest wind gusts today 12 miles per hour. if we check the temperatures, merits town 29. so berks county, lehi valley.
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newtown you are at 34. el roy 34. unionville 33. right on the cusp. that is where we are seeing that change over. finally, we go into philadelphia where no, it is 40 at graduate hospital. 37 at parkside and it is 36 in sommerton. so just too warm to see snow yet. the darker shades of purple are where we are seeing a steady snow. the green is the rain in parts of the suburbs and also seeing part of the pink. if we put it into motion you can see the storm finely starts to move east. the temperatures will drop but it won't be until almost before that morning commute. so let's put this into motion. check out who is giving the
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snow. heaviest totals in the poconos, in lehiie valleys. you can watch the temperatures it hasn't dropped yet. we are still looking at rain in millville. doyletown you are into the snow. all of the suburbs and philadelphia, now you are in the snow. parts of south jersey and delaware, you are if a mix. 11:00, light snow in philadelphia. and everything out of here by noon, 1:00. we wake up on thursday in the 20s and on thursday we are going to be above freezing. so how much are we expecting? well, we are expecting to see nearly 7 inches in the poconos. one to two in philadelphia. maybe two to three across the
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upper pennsylvania suburbs. and across jersey not a whole lot. only going to see less than an inch across jersey. delaware going to see less than an inch. head up here to philadelphia. maybe one to 2 inches. places like kensington one to two. the big numbers le high valley. >> chris helps worth is my guest t t
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sweeping the city. you know, i don't think we have heard john clark's version yet. >> definitely not. >> later in the week. >> good anticipation. >> we will tell you rough start for the fliers in new york and the eagles. lane johnson tells us what winning a super bowl would mean to this city.
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. >> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. will change the way you experience tv. i am john clark. five days away. we all know the eagles have embraced the under dog role. lane johnson has the underdog mask there. lane knows how long it has been since the eagles won. lane knows what this would mean for the city. >> i want to give the city what it has been missing. super bowl since 1960s. the fans have been here through
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thick and thin. if we can get them what we want it is cool. >> reporter: veteran jj redick hurt his leg in the fourth quarter. an mri shows he has a crack in the fibla. >> this is the latest in the season the fliers and rangers have played. gnash on the break away and then another break away. paul carrie. fliers eric will have his number
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retired. it is all part of a big week for big e back in philly. i am john clark. back right after this. # ,000 deaths in america last year.
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64,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say
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enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness and hope over hopelessness. make sure the lives we lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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all eyes on the snow tomorrow. >> going to be messy for some of us. let's take a look at the radar. a little bit of a mix as we head towards philadelphia because the temperatures are still so warm in the mid and upper 30s that
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will transfer into snow. we are going to be looking at near 50 for the kick off on sunday night and by halftime 48. 46 in the fourth quarter. warm and pleasant. few clouds moving in. certainly not like last weekend. for tomorrow, 34. we are going to see periods of snow for your morning commute. take it easy. slippery roadway. magnificent weekend ahead. >> i am jacqueline london. >> i am jim rosenfield stay safe in the morning. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris hemsworth, carrie brownstein, musical t


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